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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finish Complete with table

Here is the completed project. Here is the completed project.


Jim said...

Do you have plans available for this great looking bench design???

johnrezz said...

Jim, I am sorry but I do not.... I just took some basic dimensions and basically did it off the cuff. I would recommend and easier design for the corner. Bring the back 90 degrees on one of the benches and mate the two square. I like the 45's but it is not worth the effort. I built the four ends first (remember the middle pieces are longer from the angle) they are all mortise and tennoned. I then cut the apron pieces to length added the angles and attached them to the frame, M&T on the straight side and dowels on the curve. Glue up and size your bench top. make the back panels, again M&T with bead board panels (basically a sideways cabinet door). I made my own beadboard by milling 1/2 stock and using a molder in my table saw. The only screws in this project are holding the bench top and 3 on the back panel at the angle. The angle at the back is a little tricky since it is a compund miter and reuires three cuts (acurate cuts) for it all to mate up.
Hope this helps.

I would gladly answer an questions you might have, if that will help.