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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bookcase "Hall-Tree???"

Please excuse the spots on the camera, it was cold and the camera fogged up when I went inside.

This is a bookcase/hall tree for the entry way of a clients vacation home in the Colorado Mountains. It is built entirely out of knotty Alder (Very popular for mountain cabins) the sides are one panel with two raised panels inside. The front coloms and the return are done with lock miters and the back is a solid beardboard panel. The finish is hand glazed and varnished. It stands 7' tall by 46" wide and 19" deep at the crown.

This picture is looking in through the main entrance. This peace had to be nice since it is the first thing you see when you walk in.

Here is a close up of the base trim, It is applied around the lock miter.

Hooks on a bookcase??? Why not, it's in the hall way....

This is a closeup of the top section of the bookcase. The main box top is attached to the main box. Another box is then built on top of that with a 3" over sized top to accommodate the crown. The top is finished since this piece sits at the bottom of a large staircase and the top is very vi sable as you descend.

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