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Monday, April 9, 2007

Finished Cabinet

Here is a picture of the completed cabinet. It took me allot of trial and error on the finish for the tin but with some great advice from my friend Jim at Willow Creek Craftsman it came out pretty damn good.

He suggested that I put some base glaze with some black latex mixed in on the tin and then wipe it off to let it fill low spots and highlight the shapes. It made a big difference. The tin does not have as much detail or sharp edges as the old stuff but the match is pretty good....

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Saw, JTAS-XL 10"

Since I have been busy I have not had the opportunity to put any thing on here about my new saw. I got a Jet JTAS-XL 10" cabinet saw with the 56" fence and the sliding panel table. All this for 1200.00 and it is in great shape. It did take awhile to set up and I still need to build a mobile base so I can move it around the Garage. The problem I have is my garage has a huge pitch in it to the center for the drain. I am going to build a beefy base around the table and out to the left for the sliding table. I am going to make some new legs that are easy to adjust for under the fence extension table to the right....



So I finished up the construction on the Cabinet. Pine sucks, I think we have established that. Now I need to put the finish on it as well as figure out how to antique the tin panels.....


Monday, April 2, 2007

completed cutting board

Here is the completed project. I thought I would take a pretty picture and then go cut some beef, "It's what's for dinner"


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Completed the case

Not much to look at, remember this is not my design, it is being built for a client. For what it is I guess I am pleased, it is square and the joints look good. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will make the doors and the top. This piece is to match some old furniture the client has in their bedroom. The tin in the old one is from a roof. They provided me with a close match, now I just need to make it look antiqued. I figure a base of blue paint followed by white before the blue is completely dry, wipe it all down and see what it looks like.
This project reminds me how much I hate working in Pine..... None the less one more project 100 things learned....