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Sunday, September 16, 2007

kitchen bench complete (no finish)

Well, Here is the completed bench. This is too pieces that will be bolted together so it will be easier to move around.

I turned out to be a little trickier than I though it was going to be. The angles on the corner when you throw the pitch of the back of the bench makes it pretty tricky. It takes three cuts to get the proper pitch.

Here is a shot of the beadboard back. I did not like anything I could find commercialy so I made this with a molding head for the tablesaw.

I will post somemore photos when I get the finish complete, It is gong to be country black, antiqued. There is also a table that goes with it, but i have to decide on what I want to do.

Here is a shot of me working on the back panels, got my tunes on and I am ready to go :)


gabigrl28 said...

Do you have the plans for this bench...i would love to be able to have this in my kitchen....if you do would you be willing to send them to me?

johnrezz said...

unfortunately I do not have any plans, I just built it to fit my clients kitchen. I can give you a little direction if you wish. I built it in two pieces instead of the standard 3 piece corner bench, It allows for more room around the table as well as looks better (in my opinion). I made the back panels just like I would make a standard shaker door panel. for the beading I simply glued up the panel and used a magic molder to apply the bead detail..... Build your four ends. the middle two are going to be larger than the ends due to the angle. On odd ball pieces like this I tend to draw it on my shop floor this way I know the exact dimensions.... I used mortise and tenon for all the joints, the angled mortises can be tricky depending on the types of tools you have...... you can do it a lot easier with screws and pocket screws if the back will never be exposed..... Once assembled just drill a few holes and use bolts with wing nuts to join the two pieces, this makes for a real quick knock down for transportation..... I did one other with a storage area under the benches but it did not yield much space, maybe 6" deep and I felt it was not worth all the extra effort.......

feel free to ask questions if you like...... Hope this makes some sense....