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Friday, March 30, 2007

Wrapping up some cutting boards

Cutting Boards:

I just put the final coat of varnish on these cutting boards today (unfinished in picture). I will post a better picture when I pull them out in a few days.

I plagiarized this project from Marc over at the Wood Whisperer site.

Check it out, Great site!!!!!

I made one extra to try out using different finishing techniques, mainly finishing without sandpaper. I used a hand plane and a card scraper. I was pleased with the results, I wound up with the equivalent of a 180 finish but I did hit it with 220 before finishing. One of the challenges I had was putting a proper burr on the scraper. I think I have figured it out, I made a jig to hold the card in place so that I can put pressure on the edge to get a proper burr. I have not mastered this but I am getting better.

This is the first post so I promise things will get better as we go along.



TheWoodWhisperer said...

Hey John. Nice cutting board!! You did a great job. Did you do something different with the handles? Looks great!


johnrezz said...


Thanks, I have meade a few in the past but not as extra fancy as these..... Plus I really enjoy your pod casts... I have been telling all my friends to check it out. I used a 1/2 inch round bit to cut a 4" slot in the side so you have the option of using both sides. If I was able to carve I thought I would add a picture of a roast on one side and some veggies on the other.....

I am surprised you found this considering I put it up last night...


Wood n' Sound said...

Hi John,

Figure it's a long shot but thought I'd ask anyway!

I was just doing some online research on the Jet slider attachment and came across a forum in which you had yours listed for sale. I know the listing was posted a long time ago but are you still selling the slider?


johnrezz said...


Your lucky day, I do. I am in Iraq and have been here for awhile, I basically forgot all about that until your post. I will be home next week so send me an email to and we can work it out.