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Saturday, March 31, 2007

A slow day ends in "ZEN"

After a long day of clamping up panels, ONE AT A TIME. I finished all but one (it is still drying) . You see I am breaking yet another cardinal rule and using my saw as my glue up table, ja gotta do what ja gotta do..... I was a little confused on a few steps so I had to turn to my trusty partner for some advice. As you see he was deep in thought for a good while before he said "Dude, you had my balls cut off!" and went back to sleep.

It was back to the slow process of glue up feeling even worse after receiving such deep in site.

So this really slow and mundane day suddenly took a turn for the better when I had to flush trim the faces on the panels. I reach for my 6 dollar garage sale Stanley block plane to get the job done. This is not a vintage plane but your regular old ace hardware model. I have not been to crazy about this planes performance in the past but always chalked it up to it being an el cheapo (four years of Spanish pays off) hand plane. About a week ago I spent an hour tuning the plane on my new JET slow speed sharpener, I trued the base, flattened the back of the knife, took it down to 27 degrees and made it shine like a mirror, then I put it away. Tonight, when I ran it over my project it hit me........ "ZEN" or at least for a woodworking geek like myself. For the first time I was making perfect passes end to end shaving perfect little Peyos or for you non east coasters, curly thingies... So with just a little effort a 6 dollar POS is now converted into a portable ZEN machine........ Ahhhhh

Gunny came in to check out my pile of shavings that I was so impressed with and said "Cool but, you cut off my balls!!!" and went back to sleep.

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